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Zhongguancun development group on the basis of actively creating financial services institutions of science and technology, including venture capital, guarantee, leasing of science and technology, science and technology of science and technology credit, public service diversified financing services such as the kinds of financial service system of science and technology, initially formed to service demonstration area small and mid-sized enterprise positioning, for the enterprise to investment, insurance, loan, rent and other kinds of financing service as the key point, for financing services, the park service and other financing service for the combination of financial innovation service characteristics of zhongguancun science and technology development, become the zhongguancun national science and technology plays an important role in the building of the financial innovation center support.

Science and technology guarantee

Product series:

Policy channel series (gazelle program, spread-wing program, golden seed project, cultural creativity, intellectual financial insurance, online entrepreneurship)

Small and micro series (small and micro insurance, see loan is guaranteed, innovation loan, inclusive insurance, angel insurance, entrepreneurship insurance)

Zhongguancun innovative growth direct financing products

Engineering guarantee

Security against litigation

Entrusted loans


The lease of science and technology

Product series:

Direct leasingAfter sale leaseback
Venture capital leaseProject lease
Venture leasingMergers and acquisitions lease
Manufacturer's leaseThe cluster rent

Science and technology credit

Product series:


Gazelle enterprise loans

Mortgage loan

Money in circulation

Loans for cultural and creative industries


Venture investment

Product series:

Angel fund

Venture capital fund

Industry funds

Mother fund


Public service

Product series:

Listing training service

Investment banking and intelligent investment banking

Mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of businesses

Risk monitoring and management

Investment and financing services

The implementation of the policy

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