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In accordance with the layout of Beijing’s cutting-edge industries, ZGC Group prioritize information technology, health, environmental protection and smart manufacturing industries. With these industries as entry points, the Group always emphasizes the leading role of planning.

It has developed a planning system combining industrial, ecological, layout, population plans as well as the investment and operation plan and the investment and financing plan together. The Group plans and builds high-standard sci-tech parks with distinctive characteristics to serve technological innovation.

The Group sorts out and integrates relevant planning elements in multiple dimensions: guiding regional industrial development and creating a new ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship through industrial planning; building an intensive, green and low-carbon development environment through ecological planning; designing a high standard through layout planning; meeting the personalized needs of sci-tech talents through population planning to improve the balance between occupation and housing and to attract high-end talents; making scientific work plan through development and operation planning as well as investment and financing planning, to ensure the coordinated and sustainable development of the sci-tech parks.

Centering on the industrial positioning, the sci-tech parks of the ZGC Group, with forward-looking thinking, implement the construction and operation planning and deploy innovation services. At present, it has built a series of sci-tech parks of new types with different industrial positioning, synergistic industrial development and high-end construction of parks.

ZGC Sci-tech Parks now have formed a new industrial development system and a new planning map, including ZGC Software Park that focuses on the IT industry, ZGC IC Design Park that aims to create a complete IC industrial chain, ZGC Life Science Park and ZGC Medical Device Park that are deeply rooted in the health field.

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