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After more than 30 years’ development, ZGC Group has structured its own development pattern--“One District and Multiple Parks”, with each park having its own characteristics. As a main platform of market-oriented resource allocation for promoting innovation-driven growth in Beijing, ZGC Group has long actively driven the coordinated development of “one District and 16 high-tech parks”, and initiatively blending into the major strategic layout of the whole city like “Three Cities and One District”. It works to enhance the high-tech parks’ capacities of the industrial acceptance, collaborative development and industrial service in all respects.

As one of the five business segments of ZGC Group, the sci-tech parks integrates industrial positioning, industrial services, overall planning of land development, park construction, park operation and service and other businesses. We provide high-quality sci-tech parks for sci-tech innovation, industrial investment, scientific and technological financing and other businesses of the Group. And they also supply start-ups and innovation-driven firms with generous resources.

In an effort to pool more innovation resources, ZGC Group sets up platforms to serve innovation and entrepreneurship talents, promotes the transformation of scientific achievements and the implementation of projects, and drives the integrated development of industry-university-research-application. According to the new operation mode of “Space + Service +Investment”, it actively pursues the exchange of rent for equity, sets up industrial investment funds or cooperates with related funds, by doing so, the sci-tech parks could grow together with the start-ups and innovation-driven companies.

In the new era, the sci-tech parks follow the requirement of “light assets and strong service” and practice the concept of “business operation of the parks”, according to the Group’s overall strategy--transforming to “a world-class integration service provider of the innovation ecosystem”. Centered on the industrial service, guided by the planning and based on the construction of sci-tech parks, they lay emphasis on intelligent parks, industrial evaluation, investment and financing planning, establishment of the service system and etc.

Throughout the whole life cycle of sci-tech parks, including park planning, investment and financing, construction, operation and management, we allow their leading role to be fully played. We make full use of various inside and outside resources via market-oriented means, continuously improve the sustainable operation ability of the companies in the parks, to maximize their economic and social benefits and embark on a new journey of their transformation and development.

Special Park I: ZGC Software Park

ZGC Software Park is located in Dongbeiwang, Haidian District, Beijing, with its two phases totally covering an area of 2.6 square kilometers. It is a high-end and professional park designed for next generation IT industry in the ZGC National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. Lying at the core area of proposed world-class software city in Beijing, it is a display window for the achievements of China’s innovation-driven strategic system, a key node for international cooperation and technology transfer and an important source for the benefits of science and technology to people’s well-being.

At present, the Software Park is accelerating its pace of regional radiation and innovation cluster, with the aim to become a sci-tech innovation center of global influence in the software and information service sectors.

Special Park II: ZGC Life-Science Park

As an essential part of ZGC National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, ZGC Life Science Park was planned, back in 2000, to be a high-tech professional park mainly oriented toward the research, development and innovation in life science, biological technology, bio-pharmaceutical and other related fields.

Today, it has become a top life science R&D center and industrial cluster area in China, and formed a complete biomedical industry chain, with basic research as its core, integrating R&D, pilot test, production and clinical application. 

In the future, ZGC Group will leverage the timing of constructing Beijing National Sci-tech Innovation Center and “Three Cities and One district” to build the Life Science Park into a highland for life science research that represents the world’s advanced levels.

Special Park III: ZGC IC Design Park

ZGC IC Design Park locates in the south area of No. 1 Zhongguancun, Beiqing Road, Haidian District, and covers an area of 60,000 square meters, with the total building area as 220,000 square meters. Its construction started on September 29, 2015 and it was completed and delivered on June 30, 2018. It is one of the major projects of Beijing and ZGC Science City.

The goals of the IC Design Park are set to create a sound industrial ecological environment within five years, attracting a number of well-known IC design enterprises from China and abroad, incubating a number of innovation-driven companies that have independent, controllable, alternative techniques, and driving a number of original technological achievements to be transferred and industrialized. Eventually the Park will become a powerhouse for the construction of Beijing National Sci-tech Innovation Center.

Up to date, more than 30 leading IC enterprises have settled in the ZGC IC Design Park, such as Bitmain, GigaDevice, Beijing VIA Alliance Semiconductor, Vionvision and other companies with international influence and indigenous IP rights. It now has an annual output of nearly 24.8 billion yuan, representing 10% of the total output value of the IC design industry in China, with annual tax revenue as 4 billion. It boasts more than 1,700 patents. By 2020, the IC Design Park is expected to cluster 150 upstream and downstream firms centering on IC design, and to achieve annual output of over 30 billion yuan and tax revenue nearly 5 billion yuan.

Special Park IV: ZGC Medical Device Park

ZGC High-end Medical Device Park sits in the middle area of the Phase III of Daxing Biomedical Industry Base. It covers an area of 19,900m?with the total construction area as 287,900 m?, stretching from Baoshen South Street in the east to Mingchuan Street in the west, south to Qingfeng West Road and north to Yongwang West Road.

Centering around the development idea of “high-end leading, innovation demonstration, industry ecosystem, and perfect functions”, the Medical Device Park focuses on high-end medical device industry and integrates R&D, incubation, production and service. It prioritizes four industrial functions of R&D headquarter, device manufacture, business incubation and supportive services for the high-end medical device sector.

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