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As an investment mechanism for innovation-driven industries focusing on Beijing’s major projects, ZGC Group has contributed 2 billion yuan to participate in the establishment Beijing Sci-tech Innovation Fund and docked it with the funds managed by the Group. The Group commits itself to building a market-oriented platform for industrial investment funds as a part of the industrial fund system, which amplifies the government funding and provides continuous support for technology-based enterprises through equity investment.  

As of the third quarter of 2018, ZGC Group has participated in 108 fund establishment with a total subscription of 99.073 billion yuan. The Group has also pledged to invest another 12.584 billion yuan, including 1.679 billion yuan of entrusted government funds and 10.905 billion yuan of self-owned funds. In the Group’s fund system, there are 34 funds of 100 million yuan or less, 57 funds between 100 million yuan to 1 billion yuan, and 17 funds above 1 billion yuan. Altogether, 108 funds have invested 1,838 projects with a total amount of 50.689 billion yuan.

The Group has also invested in 28 angel funds with the total subscription of 5.264 billion yuan and the average project investment of 3.52 million yuan; 77 VC funds, with the total subscription 70.899 billion and the average project investment 47.55 million yuan; 3 fund of funds(FoF), with the total subscription 22.910 billion yuan.

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