The Group Has Established the First Park-led Industrial Fund

On the afternoon of December 18, Beijing ZGC IC design industry investment fund, also known as IC Incubator Fund, sponsored and led by IC PARK, successfully held its 2019 annual partners’ meeting.


The IC Incubator Fund focuses on investment in the IC design sector. It is the first fund of IC PARK promoted by ZGC Development Group, in the context of boosting the collaborated development of “one district and multiple parks” and actively exploring the reform and transformation of high-tech parks. 

The total amount of the IC Incubator Fund is 1.5 billion yuan, with the first phase no less than 300 million yuan and 222 million yuan already in place. IC PARK, as the cornerstone investor, contributed 50 million yuan, Jiaxing Shunyuan contributed 150 million yuan, Dongtu Technology contributed 20 million yuan. 

The Fund will focus on two areas: Chinese alternatives and technological innovation. Based on the current situation of the semiconductor industry, it is expected that 5G, cloud computing, automotive electronics and AIOT will drive the rapid growth of semiconductors and serve as a guide to the future semiconductor investment. 

It is reported that the IC Incubator Fund has received more than 300 Business Plans (BP) and investigated more than 150 enterprises in 2019. Out of more than 40 reserve projects, it has approved 5 projects and 4 of which have completed commercial due diligence. It has made investments in the same year of its foundation.

In 2020, the IC Incubator Fund will continue to focus on the IC industry, with an estimated investment of around 120 million yuan. 

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