ZGC Collaborative Innovation Fund Has Won Another Award

On December 8, 2019, the “2019 China Parent Fund Annual Conference”, sponsored by the China Venture Capital Committee and the China Parent Fund Alliance and co-sponsored by the Parent Fund Research Center, was successfully concluded in Beijing Shangri-la Hotel. At the same time, the “Award List of 2019” was released by the China Parent Fund Alliance .

Opportunities coexists with challenges, and achievements keep hardwork accompany. The China Parent Fund Alliance honored the outstanding private equity parent funds and other funds, in recognition of the model of the industry and as an incentive for practitioners to work together to make the private equity industry better.

The award list was selected by the aggregated scores of various indicators given by the members of China Parent Fund Alliance. Zhongguancun Collaborative Innovation Fund was No.20 in the rankings of “the Best Market-oriented Parent Fund in China in 2019”.

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