Beijing Zhongguancun Electronic City Construction co., Ltd. Successfully Issued Its 2019 Asset-backed Note

On December 5, 2019, Beijing Zhongguancun Electronic City Construction co., Ltd. successfully issued an asset-backed note, raising 1.1 billing yuan, with the interest rate of 4.10%. The note’s total amount of subscription is 1.73 times as much as its issuing amount, achieving a high market recognition and a low interest rate on the note.

The project began in April 2019. The issuance declaration materials of the asset-backed note were formally submitted to the China Association of Inter-bank Market Dealers at the end of August. The Notice of Acceptance of Registration was received on November 3, and the note was issued successfully on December 5. 

This successful issuance has fully tapped the liquidity and value potential of the company’s high-quality assets, optimized the its financial structure and significantly reduced the financing cost and financial risk. It also publicized the company’s image and brand, further enhanced the company’s capability to serve the construction of “Sci-tech Innovation Center” in Beijing.

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