Qihang Fund Successfully Exited from the Project

A piece of good news of pours a warm current into the cold winter. On November 28, Tianjin Qingzhi Technology co., Ltd. (“Qingzhi Technology”), invested by Qihang Fund, successfully exited, which was also the first capital withdrawal of the Phase I of Qihang Fund.   

Qingzhi Technology was registered in Tianjin on April 12, 2016. As a member enterprise of Tsinghua Holdings, it is a successful case of the sci-tech achievement transformation of Tsinghua University after the release of policies related to “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”.

Being the first tech firm incubated by Tianjin Intelligent Network Automobile Industry Research Institute, Qingzhi Technology has two major kinds of products and services: autonomous driving technique and intelligent driving system.

Qihang Fund will keep its mission—“serve sci-tech innovation, share a win-win future”—in mind, and stick to the investment concept of ZGC Development Group. It will continue to support the transformation and industrialization of sci-tech achievements of leading talents, cutting-edge research institutions and corporate champions.   

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