Shanxi Innovative and Entrepreneurial Center officially Open

On the morning of November 12, the provincial-level innovative and entrepreneurial center of Shanxi, also known as “Smart Innovation City”, was put into operation. This is another move of Shanxi government to implement the innovation-driven development strategy and build an upgraded version of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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In the August of 2019, ZGC Software Park was selected as the operational service provider of the Shanxi innovation and entrepreneurial center through public tender. The Software Park thus gained the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy of Shanxi Province and to serve Shanxi to achieve high-quality transformation and development.

This reflects the full recognition and affirmation of ZGC Software Park by leaders at all levels of Shanxi Province. “Mass entrepreneurship and Innovation” is clearly a key factor in the cooperation of ZGC Software Park and Shanxi Province, due to the high consistency of the Park’s mission of serving innovation enterprises and start-ups and the development concept of the Smart Innovation City. 

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After its establishment, “Smart Innovation City” will structure a more open and shared ecosystem for mass entrepreneurship and Innovation, and build a platform that is most suitable for innovation, entrepreneurship and talent development in Shanxi. 

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