ZGC Life Science Park and National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS) Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Research Achievement Transformation

On Nov. 18, ZGC Life Science Park and National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS) held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in the conference room of Building 6, Biotechnology R&D Center of the Park.

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Han Bai, deputy general manager of ZGC Development Group and president of ZGC Life Science Park, and academician Wang Xiaodong, director of NIBS, signed the strategic cooperation agreement, marking that the cooperation has moved into a new stage.

To ensure that the research achievement transformation projects of NIBS can be landed and operated smoothly, ZGC Life Science Park will give priority to providing space carrier for the industrial transformation base of NIBS, make targeted investment in several experimental platforms and special platforms, and support the incubation, R&D and pilot test of innovative projects of NIBS in all aspects.

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NIBS will encourage and support its research projects with independent IP rights to take ZGC Life Science Park as their first choice to locate their bases. It will work with all parties to create conditions for those projects to settle down and transform their research achievements in Beijing.

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