The Talent Industrialization Alliance of IC PARK was Established

On Oct. 11, the Talent Industrialization Alliance of the ZGC IC Design Park held the founding conference at the conference center of IC PARK, which was attended by 18 members. It also held the first meeting of its first council.


After one year’s development, IC PARK has achieved significant improvements in industrial cluster and business supporting among other aspects. It attracts increasing attention from the government and gains more and more social influence, building up stronger strength. The service capacity and level of IC PARK need to be further improved in the next step, to promote collaboration among enterprises in the park.


Talent is the foundation for the development of enterprises. The alliance could not have come at a better timing. The alliance, as a carrier, will report common demands and homogenized needs of the enterprises in IC PARK to the government. Thus, it will improve the communication efficiency by transforming the point-to-point connection into communication intermediated by the platform, drawing more governmental attention to IC PARK.

The conference voted and unanimously approved the list of the first alliance council, including representatives from 7 alliance members, i.e. ZGC IC Design Park co., Ltd., Beijing Bitmain Technology co., Ltd., GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc., VIA Alliance Semiconductor, Beijing Integrity Technology co., Ltd., Beijing VionVision Technology, Inc., and Homologous Micro (Beijing) Semiconductor Technology co., Ltd.

Meanwhile, the Alliance held the first meeting of its first council, attended by all of its members. The meeting unanimously adopted the list of organizational bodies of the first council. Xu Zhengwen (vice general manager of IC PARK) was elected as the first chairman of the council, and He Wei (acting general manager of GigaDevices), Luo Yong (general manager of VIA Alliance Semiconductor) and Zheng Wei (director of industrial ecological cooperation) the vice chairmen, and Yu Huiying (vice president of Beijing Integrity), Tao Hai (general manager of VionVision) and Wang Hongbo (general manger of Homologous Micro (Beijing) Semiconductor) directors.

The council also appointed the secretary-general and under-secretary-general of the secretariat, with Dong Lu (director of the industrial department of IC PARK) as the secretary-general. The meeting also deliberated and adopted the Articles of Association for the Talent Industrialization Alliance of IC PARK, which was approved by the general assembly of the alliance.  

The establishment of the Talent Industrialization Alliance marks the further improvement of the industrial ecosystem of IC PARK.

The alliance will seize this opportunity to effectively mobilize various forces to provide enterprises in IC PARK with all-round industrial services centering on talents. It will help enterprises become stronger and bigger and lay a solid foundation for creating an innovation highland for China’s IC design industry with international influence.


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