ZGC (Western Beijing) AI Science Park?Artificial Intelligence & Cultural and Creative Park has Opened

On Oct. 23, ZGC (Western Beijing) AI Science Park?Artificial Intelligent & Cultural and Creative Park held an opening ceremony.


ZGC Western Beijing Development Company started the renovation of the Water Pump Factory in this March, keeping 14 factory workers as the service staff of the Park. After 7 months, the industrial area has been reinvented into a modern sci-tech park with multiple functions, including incubation, acceleration, R&D, office space, exhibition and industrial services and etc.


As an important industrial platform for the integrated development of AI and cultural and creative industries in the west of Beijing, it will provide a new sample for relieving non-capital functions and promoting the construction of sci-tech innovation center, set a new model for the industrial transformation and upgrading in the west of Beijing and the development of a characteristic AI industry. It is also a new attempt of regenerating traditional manufacturing workers into technology service staff.

As a pilot park of ZGC (western Beijing) AI Science Park, the AI & Cultural and Creative Park is the first project of ZGC Development Group in old factory reconstruction as well as its new exploration in “asset-light and service-strong” transformation.  


At the ceremony, six tech firms became the first enterprises located in the Park. Among them, TASHAN Technology is the first domestic high-tech firm committed to the industrialization of AI touch sensor chips. Relying on China’s first capacitor laboratory established together with the University of Manchester of the U.K., TASHAN is developing a series of general AI tactile sensing chips, attempting to break the bottleneck of commercial application of service robots. The project was announced as a major achievement at “2019 Zhongguancun Forum”. And Weilian Technology is a robotics vision firm focused on the R&D of machine cognition technology.  

Moreover, the Park and BMCC have signed a cooperation agreement to co-build a 5G demonstration park and demonstrated some 5G applications. To promote the development of enterprises in it, the Park has signed cooperation agreements with 9 industrial service platforms, including The Force AI Academy, AKCeler and several investment or tech-finance subsidiaries of the ZGC Development Group.  

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