IC PARK Commercial Service Alliance was Established

In respond to the economic development requirements of the northern part of Haidian District, we try to create a commercial atmosphere that offers beautiful environment and rich services, structure a well-established commercial supporting system, and build a cooperation platform and a communication bridge, to promote commercial development of IC PARK.


The ZGC IC Design Park, the property management unit and the commercial tenants located in the park have jointly and spontaneously established a Commercial Service Alliance of IC PARK. They held the founding conference of the Alliance and the first meeting of its first council on Oct. 23, 2019.

A service alliance co-initiated by commercial tenants and the IC PARK

The alliance is a social group of commercial services, jointly initiated by the IC PARK and all merchants in it. It is committed to building a commercial service platform, integrating commercial resources in the park, and forming a social group providing a broad range of one-stop business services for enterprises in the park, such as working, entertainment, leisure and dinning and etc.


The first council of the alliance was born

Considering the members’ business scopes, integrated strengths and the industrial weights and participating enthusiasm, as well as future contributions to the development of the alliance, the preparatory group of this conference recommends the following list of candidates for the first council of the alliance: 


Subsequently, all delegates voted and unanimously approved the list of the first alliance council.

The adoption of the “Articles of Association” 

After the establishment of the first council, the conference published the “Articles of Association” for the Commercial Service Alliance of IC PARK, including the general principles, positioning, the structure and funding of the alliance. After a heated discussion, participants finally unanimously voted to adopt the “Articles of Association”. Starbucks read out the alliance initiative on behalf of all alliance members. 


This conference adopted the “Articles of Association”, elected the first council of the alliance and set up organizational bodies for it, laying a solid foundation for the future work of the alliance

The establishment of the alliance implies that the commercial atmosphere of IC PARK is fully shaped, which will drive further economic development in the northern part of Haidian District.

In the near future, it is believed that more merchants, better commercial climate and hotter business activities will emerge in the IC PARK. And a new prosperous commercial circle will be developed there.

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