Hotgen Biotech, a Company Located inside the ZGC Medical Device Park, Officially Went Public in Shanghai Stock Exchange,

On September 30, Beijing Hotgen Biotech co., Ltd., one of the enterprises in the ZGC Medical Device Park, was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Hotgen Biotech; stock code: 688068). Hotgen Biotech issued 15.55 million shares this time, with the issuing price as 29.46 yuan per share. The stock opened at the price of 88 yuan per share, and rose to 92.66 yuan per share 15 minutes after its opening. 


After years of continuous R&D, centering around the techniques of up-converting phosphor (UCP), magnetic particles chemiluminescence, sugar capture, gene recombination and monoclonal antibody, Hotgen Biotech developed a full-scene immune diagnosis platform (including POCT rapid field test, automated high-throughput test of the central lab) that can meet the needs of different end users. The UCP technology takes the lead in applying the UCP materials made of rare earth elements to clinical use and the biosafety field, which won the second prize of National Technology Invention in 2015, being the only immunological diagnostic methodology that has won this award in China up to date.

In areas such as liver disease detection, Hotgen Biotech has developed a serological test program which can be used in the disease progressing process from hepatitis to liver cancer, several of which are first of their kinds in China. Liver cancer tests of AFP-L3% and DCP successfully have filled the domestic gap and has ended the history that only a few companies in the world could test. The tests of HBV-LP and GP3 are international initiatives and is of great significance for the diagnosis and management of chronic liver disease progression.

A journey of one thousand miles begins with one step. Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind, ZGC Medical Device Park will continue to develop its four industrial functions, i.e. R&D headquarters of high-end medical devices, manufacturing of new high-end medical devices, incubation of medical device enterprises and supportive services for medical device enterprises. The Park will try its best to help medical device enterprises in it to realize their dream of innovation and to create a better future for innovation and development together with them.

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