ZGC Development Group and Amer International Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On August 29, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between ZGC Development Group and Amer International Group was held in Beijing.

Amer International Group is one of the world’s top 500 corporations. At the time when this strategic cooperation agreement was signed, Zhongguancun development group was in a critical period of deepening reform and transformation. Both sides will perform in-depth and multi-dimensional cooperation in the fields of industrial funds, sci-tech services, industrial organization, construction of new industrial innovation carriers and cultivation of cutting-edge technology industries.

Amer International Group will participate in the ZGC Development and Innovation fund (RMB) and ZGC International Innovation Fund (USD) as a cornerstone investor. The two Groups will continue to excavate hidden champions and unicorns in Zhongguancun through equity investment, building a new ecosystem of sci-tech innovation services in Zhongguancun.

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