ZGC Sci-tech Financing Guarantee Company Successfully Completed the First Transaction of Supply-chain Finance Business

Recently, the first transaction of supply-chain finance business, “商票通保”(shang piao tong bao) , was successful. This business was jointly launched by ZGC Sci-tech Financing Guarantee Company (“ZGC Guarantee”) and the Bank of Beijing. ZGC Guarantee provided guarantee for bank discount of an electronic commercial acceptance bill worth 100 million yuan to an enterprise in the park, helping it use the stock of bill to effectively alleviate its liquidity tension. 

In recent years, ZGC Guarantee proactively explore the supply-chain financing service which uses commercial acceptance bills of exchange as the means of payment and settlement for accounts receivable, to meet the financing and development needs of MSMEs. It mines the credit information in the industrial chains and provides MSMEs with credit financing guarantee services. 

As a policy-based financing guarantee institution under Beijing municipal government, ZGC Guarantee makes good use of its resource advantages, selects qualified core enterprises and provides effective and well-targeted financing guarantee services. After reviewing the risk and providing the additional guarantee of e-commercial acceptance bills issued by those core enterprises, it provides guarantee for discount on such bills and injects capital into the firms in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the core enterprises.

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