The Medical Technology Center project of the ZGC Life Science Park won the gold award of Structural Great Wall Cup

The Medical Technology Center lies in the northeast of the ZGC Life Science Park. The project covers a total area of 77489.16 square meters, including 56732.22 square meters of construction land, 13651.44 square meters of green land and 7105.50 square meters of roads.

The total construction area is 195,836 square meters, including 124,810 square meters of above-ground construction area and 71,025 square meters of underground construction area, with 30% of the green space. 

The Medical Technology Center is one of the professional ancillary facilities as well as an integral part of public service supporting system of the ZGC Life Science Park.  

It mainly serves various types of high-tech biomedical R&D institutions, including biomedical R&D and pilot test bases, offices, academic report and conference venues, parking (civil air defense) areas and so on.

Upon completion, the Center will provide research and transformation base for Beijing Brain Science and Brain-like Research Center, Tsinghua University Technology Transfer Institute, Beijing Life Science Research Institute Incubator, large drug R&D centers, transformation and incubation institutions and etc. 

The project is large in construction volume and difficult to build, with underground civil air defense works of a high protection grade, and components designed to have big sections and large sizes. The buildings vary in floor heights with local ultra-high and over-limit designs and complex and professional pipeline layout.

The project management team established effective quality assurance system and organizational structure to pursue quality control and quality assurance through various means, including project planning, expert demonstration, material control, process inspection, stage summary, use of new technologies and materials promoted by the Ministry of Construction, and so on. As a result, the project quality has been praised by the evaluation experts with Beijing Quality Association. Two segments of the project won the gold medal of Beijing Structural Great Wall Cup and the Fanghua Cup (quality award) given by Beijing Changping District Building Industry Association. 

The project broke ground on December 23, 2016, with the structure capped on December 29, 2017. By the end of November 2018, the fa?ade curtain wall, interior decoration, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, and outdoor comprehensive pipeline installation have been completed. The project is expected to be completed and accepted by the end of 2018. 

During the construction, the participating units have overcome the traffic control during the Spring Festival, NPC and CPPCC, high-level BRI Forum and the 19th NCCPC; adverse influences of environmental governance and traffic control policies of the municipal government; the objective constraints like price rise of raw materials, rainy seasons in summers, low temperature in winters.  

Via the advanced project management mode, advanced construction technology, the cooperated-building parties have made reasonably compact construction schedules, organized and carried out labor competition and other activities and finally the project won the gold award of Structural Great Wall Cup.

The Medical Technology Center is designed by Tsinghua Institute of Architectural Design and Research. Its general contractors are Beijing Urban Construction Group and the First Construction Development co., Ltd. of Beijing Urban Construction, and its supervising companies are Beijing Yuanda International Engineering Management Consulting co., Ltd and Beijing Xingdian International Engineering Management co., Ltd. More than 20 other professional subcontractors also contributed to the construction of this project.

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