The “Beijing Brain Science Center” settled in the ZGC Life Science Park

On the morning of March 22, Beijing Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Technology (“Beijing Brain Science Center”) , with professor Rao Yi with Peking University and senior researcher Luo Minmin of Beijing Institute of Life Sciences as directors, announced its foundation at the ZGC Life Science Park, marking the beginning of the construction of Beijing Brain Science Center. 

The center will adopt a new mechanism to attract top experts at home and abroad, focusing on making technological breakthroughs in the cutting-edge fields, such as severe brain diseases associated with cognitive impairment, brain-like computation and brain-computer intelligence, brain intelligence development of children and adolescents, and analysis of brain cognitive principles and etc.

It will make efforts to produce a number of major original and innovative achievements, and build Beijing Brain Science Center into an international first-class research institute in the field of brain science and brain-like intelligent technology.  

On the morning of March 22, the council of Beijing Brain Science Center held its first meeting. They elected the chairman, executive director and members of the first session of the council, and adopted the constitution of the Beijing Brain Science Center.

After the council meeting, the “Cooperation Framework Agreement on Construction of Beijing Brain Science and Brain-like Research Center” was signed by Beijing Municipal Government, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

They will jointly promote the construction of “Beijing Brain Science Center”, in line with the principles of “leading strategy, complementary advantages, sharing resources. They will cooperate in establishing mechanisms for stock resource integration and sharing new-added resources, mechanisms for complementary talents to enjoy double employment treatment, mechanisms for sharing scientific research achievements and intellectual properties, mechanisms for joint enrollment and talent training, and jointly strive for the implementation of major national project.    

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