ZGC Cutting-edge Technology Research Institute for Emerging Industries Held a Signing Ceremony for Enterprise Settlement and a Commencement Ceremony of its Phrase II

On the morning of March 22, ZGC Cutting-edge Technology Research Institute for Emerging Industries held a signing ceremony for enterprise settlement and a commencement ceremony of its Phrase II Project at the Beijing High-end Manufacturing Base.

The second phase of the Research Institute is located in the 03 block of Beijing High-end Manufacturing Base. The project, divided into two parcels in the north and south, covers a total area of 105.4 mu, with a total planned building area of 102,700 square meters.

The project started this time is the southern block, covering an area of 57.0 mu, with a planned building area of 59,000 square meters. It will contain 10 single buildings in total. The southern block will provide enterprises with optional and customized flexible module spaces, standardized R&D centers and a comprehensive sci-tech service platform, to meet the personalized needs of businesses in R&D, pilot test, small-scale production and etc. 

Under the plan, the structure will be capped by the end of 2018, completed by the middle of 2019, and put into use at the beginning of 2020 after decoration. The project focuses on new energy, new materials and intelligent manufacturing industries, such as intelligent connected vehicles (ICV), power battery, and smart robots and so on. It will initiatively embrace such innovation projects introduced by ZGC Demonstration Zone and overseas project, and support enterprises’ R&D and accelerated industrial development.

The project will realize the industrial transformation in and radiation to Fangshan District and its surrounding areas, becoming a new important carrier and original place for construction of economic structure for “cutting-edge” technology by ZGC Sci-tech Innovation City in the south of Beijing.

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