The Releasing Ceremony of the Space Plan for the “Zhongguancun Innovation Home at the Foot of the Great Wall” was a Success

On March 2, the releasing ceremony of the space plan for the “Zhongguancun Innovation Home at the Foot of the Great Wall” (“Innovation Home”) in the theme of “Building a beautiful sci-tech town, Constructing a dream innovation home”, and the project signing ceremony was held at the exhibition center of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Zone. 

The Innovation Home is located in Kangzhuang town, Yanqing District. It is close to the entrance of G6 expressway, 62km away from Beijing Downtown, 9km away from Yanqing Town.

After the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and Xingyan expressway are open to traffic, the Innovation Home will be incorporated into the “transportation circle from which Beijing downtown is reachable within half an hour”.  At that time, its location advantage will be more visible. It is bound to attract more high-end sci-tech talents, and become a new highland of the development in the northwest of Beijing.  

The Innovation Home follows the concept of “promoting the area by industries, promoting industries by the area”.

Centering around the central area of Kangzhuang Town and partial area of the former Badaling Economic Development Zone, it includes 4.97 square kilometers of surrounding villages and industrial land into the planning scope. Its new construction area is about 3.4 million square meters, and its total investment is about 28 billion yuan. In the future, nearly 30,000 jobs in innovation and entrepreneurial businesses and supporting services will be created. The Innovation Home will absorb and accept industrial spillover as well as population diversion of relevant industries from the central urban area of Beijing.  

The Innovation Home will not only serve as an active exploration of effectively relieving non-core function of the capital, but also as another major engine for regional green development following the “2019 World Horticultural Expo” and “2022 Winter Olympics”, becoming a demonstration technology town leading the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. 

With respect to the industrial function, the Innovation Home will focus on the industries of IT, energy network, energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, it will encourage the development of high-end ice and snow activity industry and horticulture industry, taking the opportunity of preparing for the Winter Olympics. It will also strive to become the R&D base, sci-tech achievements transformation base for state and central units. The Innovation Home will try to create an economic framework for cutting-edge technologies through pooling of high-quality resources, leading the sustainable and healthy development of regional economy and society. 

As far as the organization of development is concerned, the Innovation Home will follow the philosophy of “integral organization, multiple subjects, overall development and market-oriented operation”, and conside concurrently the present situation and the future characteristics of the technology town. It will make good use of the advantages of different development bodies and construct a characteristic town that is suitable for life and career with complete supporting facilities for housing, education, health care, business and entertainment. According to the development plan, the primary land development will be started this year. 

The ZGC Development Group will mobilize all kinds of resources to support the planning and construction of the Innovation Home. To accelerate the construction, the Group will adopt a five-in-one planning method, i.e. plans of industry, space, ecology, investment and development mode. It will continue to enhance the comprehensive utilization capacity and build a multi-level industrial service and investment platform.

The Group will organize industries with big data, provide Internet+ industrial service and create a professional one-stop technology platform that covers the whole industrial chain. The aim is to provide enterprises with general resources needed for growth and to lower the threshold, costs and risks of starting a business.  

It will also integrate diversified technology financial service means, such as venture capital, sci-tech guarantee, sci-tech loan and sci-tech leasing and etc., to provide all-round financial services for the innovative firms and start-ups in the Innovation Home.  

The ZGC Development Group will assume the historic responsibilities and build the Innovation Home into a new generation of characteristic industrial park with international influence, according the “five first-class standards” (i.e. meeting first-class standards in the aspects of space planning, project carrier, industrial cluster and innovation activity, industrial organization and service, company operation and management ). 

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