ZGC Sci-tech Leasing Company Won the Title of “Leasing Company of the Year”

On December 9, ZGC Sci-tech Leasing Company (“Company”) was named as “Leasing Company of the Year” by virtue of its outstanding performance at the “2016 China Financing Leasing Annual Conference”. This is the second year in a row the company has won this award. 

The award of “Leasing Company of the Year” was selected from more than 6,000 financing leasing companies by the Leasing Business Committee of CAEFI (China Association of Foreign Funded Enterprises). In addition to outstanding performance in business development, risk control, asset management and customer service, award-winning enterprises must also have considerable industry influence and global social reputation. 

The review committee pointed out that ZGC Sci-tech Leasing Company had been sticking to the positioning of sci-tech leasing for many years, making remarkable contribution to solving the difficulties faced by medium and small-sized firms in obtaining affordable funds, and leading the development direction of domestic sci-tech leasing.  

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