Zhongguancun (West Beijing) Artificial Intelligence Technology Park gets the official reply to its regulatory plan

On behalf of the municipal government, Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources recently released the official reply to the regulatory plan for certain pieces of land in Mentougou district, in order to back up the development of local sci-tech innovation industry. The planned land is part of the first level land development project of Shilong high and new technology industry land, which is planned by Zhongguancun West Beijing Construction and Development Co. as the main component of its first level development. The total land-use is rough 36.51 hectares; 549.9 thousand square meters are planned for buildings, whose height is 24m, 60m, or 80m. 


The reply asks the developer to deepen and improvement the block-level urban design and take good care of the process management, in combination with the implementation of the project; to strictly check and conduct the deepening result of the urban design; to control the demands, such as spatial morphology, traffic, architectural design and greening landscape, of urban design; to maintain the seriousness and authority of the regulatory plan, as well as its continuity and consistency.


The regulatory plan is an embodiment, in terms of statutory planning, of the planning for the park’s industry, demography, ecology, and space. It well reflects the park’s planning principles, including “hidden dragon drinking water”, central park, industry-city integration, ecology first, high street density small block size, and multi-layer surface system, laying a solid foundation for establishing a global-reaching AI sci-tech innovation center. The release of the official reply marks that the first-level land development is heading into its last stage, and that the park moves on from land arrangement to land selling and constructing. The park will start the first phase of the construction project in 2020. The first opening is scheduled to be 2024.

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