Zhongguancun Synergetic Innovation Fund was awarded as a top 10 institutional innovation investor

The list of “China Bridge Best Equity Investors of 2018-2019” was released on June 18th. Zhongguancun Synergetic Innovation Fund was announced to be one of the top 10 institutional innovation investors.


The year of 2018 had seen a rise of China’s sci-tech industry. Commercial 5G, chip R&D, commercial aerospace, advanced equipment, and biomedicine, etc., have become the focus of the industrial development. The launch of the registration-based Sci-tech Innovation Board (STAR market) made clear of in which direction the combination of industry and finance should be developed. As the industry undergoes thorough integration and upgrading, the investment increasingly reveals its value. The industrial capital has started to expand its investment layout, which is concerned with the strategy about the up and down stream ecosystem. In this new era, GP and LP also have started the further upgrading of the industrial layout; institutional investment has developed increasingly clear and focused strategies and paths. More and more investment value has accordingly been realized and created.

By ranking candidate institutional investors according to comprehensive indicators, the list of “China Bridge Best Equity Investors of 2018-2019” was made to present objectively the current performance of the industrial investment in China.

Zhongguancun Synergetic Innovation Fund, as the specialized and marketized fund management platform of the ZGC Group, is in charge of funds of 10 billion total value. The fund adopts “1+1+N” model, where a fund of funds, a fund in Beijing and one fund in each of the N cooperating regions are respectively established. The fund is targeted at Big Information, Big Health,Environment Protection, and Smart Manufacturing, along with other relevant industries. Relying on Zhongguancun and nation-wide cooperating regions as well as the institution’s advantageous resources, the fund is focused on serving the growth of sci-tech innovation enterprises and contributing to the combination of industry and finance in sci-tech innovation industry.

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