Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and System of CAS has Broken Ground in Huairou

On the morning of September 29, 2016, Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and System of CAS made a report on its research progress, sign cooperation agreements and held an opening ceremony for the construction project on the project site of block 13, Huairou New Town, Huairou District, Beijing.

As a new field of science, nano technology has attracted global scientists’ attention in a short time with its original concept, transformative development and wide application space. The establishment of the Institute of Nano Energy and System gives China, especially Beijing, an opportunity to develop in this field.

After more than 4 years’ effort, the nano energy institute has gained an international leadership in academic research. Meanwhile it has also made plans to pursue breakthroughs in the application of technology, to make the first industrialized project in this field landing in Beijing and contribute to the development of the capital.

The Huairou Park will provide further guarantee and support for the future scientific research and innovation, as well as industrial incubation. 

At the scene, Beijing ZGC Micro-nano Energy Investment co., Ltd. (“Micro-nano Energy”) signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and System of CAS. 

Micro-nano Energy, as the implementation subject of the park construction, will fully support the research and innovation of the institute and the transfer and transformation of research achievements. Relying the advantages of the ZGC Development Group in government linkage, resource integration, market and industrial operation, Micro-nano Energy will continue to promote the transfer, transformation and industrialization of nano-energy technology, making industrial achievements as early as possible.

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