Nanning?Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base was officially launched.

Nanning?Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, China’s first demonstration base for innovation and startups, was put into operation on July 24. 

Relying on the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem of the ZGC Group, it will replicate and expand the “Zhongguancun Development Mode” through the flow and converge of worldwide innovative factors of policies, capital, talents and technology, combining the current realities in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Nanning.

The base will focus on the construction of top platforms, top projects, top talents and top mechanism to integrate foreign and domestic innovative resources.  It will cluster talents, technology, capital and other innovative elements at home and abroad through online and offline collaborative innovation platforms of display and exchange, sci-tech services and innovative talents. It will work to create a dynamic, efficient and open innovation ecosystem to boost its ability to drive innovation and development in surrounding areas. 

The completion of the demonstration base will speed up the output of the operation experience, industrial service innovation, brand resources of the ZGC Development Group, facilitating the integration of innovation policies, innovative talents, Tec-fin and technology platforms of Zhongguancun and Nanning City. It is an important measure to implement the “Going Out” strategy of the Group, to help the ZGC Development Group to explore the successful experience of trans-regional collaborative innovation and create a standard mode, expanding the influence and radiation of the ZGC Development Group.

Global View: The demonstration base is to build a “growth pole” of growth. 

12 “World top 500 companies” and industrial champions signed contracts with the management committee of the high-tech zone after the unveiling ceremony, marking that the Demonstration Base welcomed the first batch of innovative and start-up businesses. They are:

Google AdWords (Guangxi) Experience Center


HIT Robert Group

Shanghai MJ Intelligent System, co., Ltd.

Neusoft Corporation

Beijing Chinasoft International Education Technology co., Ltd.

Guangxi Mifpay Network Technology co., Ltd.

Zhizhong Weiye (Tianjin) Technology co., Ltd.

Guangxi JJR Technology co., Ltd.

Beijing Guoxin’anfu Information Security Technology co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tongchuang 3D Technology co., Ltd.

Beijing KQ GEO Digital Mapping Co., Ltd.

Nanning?Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base is located on Mingyuehu peninsula, Xinyu River, the core area of Nanning High-tech Zone. Surrounded by water on three sides, with beautiful scenery, it’s adjacent to many universities. The total construction area is about 80,000 square meter, consisting of 13 European-style buildings.


In the early stage, the priority projects are the building 4# (an exhibition and exchange center for technical innovations), the building 8# (an office building for the intelligent manufacturing industry), the building 9#-11# (office buildings for the IT industry) and the building 12# (an exhibition center—Innovation Hub).

According to the plan, the Base will be built into am important gateway and innovation hub connecting areas along the BRI, a bridgehead for ASEAN cooperation and a model of National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base. 

By 2018, it will become an Innovation Demonstration Base with important influence in Guanxi, central and southwest China. The industrial system, dominated by headquarters and R&D centers of emerging industries and sci-tech services will be largely completed, and the innovation ecosystem will be further improved. By 2020, the Base will build itself into a center of international headquarters, R&D departments, talents, exchanges and services, and become an international innovation center of the region with significant influence and radiating power, a gathering height of high-end innovative factors. 

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