The EDA Platform was Officially Launched by the Zhongguancun IC Center

On June 1, the EDA platform built by Zhongguancun IC Center (“IC Center”), a subsidiary of the ZGC Develop Group, was officially put into operation. It is the only IC design service platform with the business license of EDA tool in northern China.   

Since its establishment, the IC Center has been preparing for the construction of EDA platform, such as building the standard new machine room, configuring hardware, software and management system of license resources; connecting with IC design enterprises, effectively configuring license resources of Cadence and Mentor EDA. Now it is able to customize and realize the whole-process design of analog and digital and hybrid circuit, PC and physical verification.   

The IC Center boasts the most cutting-edge design technology and methodology after effective construction and operation of the EDA platform. Its service scope covers the mainland of China (except Shenzhen and Shanghai). It operates in the mode of license supermarket, which is the first of its kind of China. Through customization, it meets the needs of enterprises in different sizes and design stages, assists IC design firms to accelerate product R&D and innovation, and further reduces the cost, risk and threshold of R&D of small and medium-sized businesses and innovative firms and start-ups in the IC design sector. 

The IC Center will launch related services as soon as possible, such as training of EDA tools, designers and technical methodological talents.

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