The ZGC Software Park under the ZGC Development Group Won the Title of “2014-2015 China Innovation Demonstration Software Park”

On January 12, 2016, the Sixth Annual Conference of China Information Technology Service Industry was held at Wanshou Hotel, Beijing.

In keeping with industrial development and users’ demands, this annual conference has set up three sub-forum, i.e. “IT and Financial Service Innovation under the New Normal”, “Medical and Health Services in the Internet+ Era” and “Development of Call Centers and E-commerce Backstages under the New Normal”. A road show for entrepreneurship and innovation projects was also held at the same time. 

At the meeting, 19 awards were selected, including “2014-2015 China Innovation Demonstration of Software Parks”, “2014-2015 Contribution Award of China’s IT Service Industry”, “2014-2015 Outstanding Person Award of China’s IT Industry”, “2014-2015 Demonstration Enterprise Award of China’s IT Service Industry”, and etc.

The ZGC Software Park won the title of “2014-2015 China Innovation Demonstration Software Park” for its active exploration and achievements in guiding innovation and serving start-ups over the years.

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