We’re all ready!--Israel, the land of innovation, is just waiting for you

On July 8, 2019, local time in Israel, the opening ceremony of “Innovation Powerhouse” sponsored by the ZGC Development Group and Infinity (Israel) and “The Fifth China-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Investment Conference” was held in Tel Aviv. This is a new starting point for the ZGC Development Group to enter Israel and countries along the BRI route, following the establishment of ZGC overseas innovation centers in Silicon Valley, Boston and Heidelberg.


he Innovation Powerhouse Center, co-sponsored by the ZGC Development Group and Infinity (Israel), is designed to promote the innovation and development of start-up teams and businesses in both China and Israel and to push forward international cooperation on technology transfer. 

It also works with commercial and capital sectors to advance new technologies and innovations. The service package of the Innovation Powerhouse Center mainly includes:

The Innovation Powerhouse Center offers a groundbreaking AI acceleration system—"Smart Match” (a smart analyzing and matching system), to help users with cross-border needs quickly find and intelligently track the best potential global partners, investors and investment projects. 

 “Smart Match” consists of 8 databases, such as company, project, investor and APP etc. It can improve the efficiency of enterprises with intention of cooperation by 10 times, from finding potential partners to making business meeting appointments, via the one-stop mobile platform.

The Fifth China-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Investment Conference focuses on setting up a B2B cross-border business docking platform – “Smart Match Investment Conference”. The intelligent matching tool of Smart Match, the big data system and B2B smart appointment scheduling system, and a new meeting mode that combines online and offline services are adopted to facilitate in-depth docking and cooperation between Chinese and Israeli investors and high-tech enterprises. 

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