Build a “Chip” Flagship of the IC Industry:The Cornerstone Laying Ceremony of the ZGC IC Design Park and the Signing Ceremony for the Enterprises Entering the Park was Held

On September 29, 2015, the work of the ZGC IC Design Park was officially started, and the signing ceremony for the enterprises entering the park was held at Zhongguancun No.1, Beiqing Road, Haidian District.

At the conference, a total of 10 enterprises signed the agreements, including excellent IC design enterprises--RDA Technology, Wen’an Technology, ChipOne, GigaDevice, SuperPix and Navtech Inc., and IC professional investment institutions like Beijing IC industry development equity investment fund and China Growth Capital, and service platforms such as Zhongguancen IC Center (Beijing) and IC Café, having formed a whole ecological industrial chain encompassing related industry, funds, incubator and service platforms.

In the future, the IC design park will accelerate the construction, attract and pool global high-end resources. Its functions of original innovation and integrated innovation will be given full play, so as to support and guide enterprises in core technology R&D and achievement transformation, providing a new engine for the development of China’s IC industry. 

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