ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company and the ICBC Jointly Launched the Featured Financing Product--“Financing and Leasing Program”.

On June 26, 2016, ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company and the ICBC jointly launched the featured financing product--“Financing and Leasing Program”, and signed a cooperation agreement. This signing ceremony is part of the “ICBC Techfin Theme Signing Ceremony” and the “Launching Activity of ICBC Brand –Morning Star”.  

The “Financing and Leasing Program” refers to the cooperation between ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company and the ICBC to maximize their respective financial advantages and provide comprehensive financial services to meet customers’ different needs. 

Specifically, there are two aspects. First, ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company and the ICBC coordinate marketing activities, connect channels and share resource platforms. Second, they make concerted efforts in providing customers with value-add services, that is, the ICBC will provide credit extension for the customers recommended by ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company, while the latter will open a green channel for customers recommended by the ICBC, providing financing lease services efficiently and conveniently. 

The combination of leveraged lease and bank credit can make good use of both sides’ advantages and provide efficient, convenient, affordable and thoughtful financial services for technology businesses. The “Financing and Leasing Program” could quickly meet different capital needs of tech firms in different development stages, greatly improving the financing opportunities of enterprises and reducing the difficulties of financing. 

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