The Product Release Conference of“ZGC Innovation-leading Space” was Held

On June 16, the product release conference of “ZGC Innovation-leading Space” was held at the International Conference Center in the ZGC Software Park. With the theme of the conference as “Leading Innovation and Serving Startups”, the service products of “ZGC Innovation-leading Space” were released. 

The “ZGC Innovation-leading Space” makes full use of the concept of “Internet+” to deeply integrate crowd innovation space (offline) with incubation services (online), using the Internet, cloud services and social networking tools as technical support. It works to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation and accelerate the incubation of innovation-based sectors through providing the service platform, operation mechanism, incubation funds, accommodation space, cultural atmosphere and the innovation college, etc. It adopts the O2O operation mode of “1 virtual crowd innovation space + N physical crowd innovation venues” to build an open innovation and startup ecosystem in which people “create a successful career online, live a happy life offline”.

“ZGC Innovation-leading Space” is an important measure to implement the “Zhongguancun innovation and startup leading project” and to adapt to the new trend of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. It will cluster elements like “Maker”, “Internet+”, government and social capital, and fully mobilize social and private capital, so as to build a public service platform for innovation and drive China’s economic transformation and upgrading. 

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