The ZGC Development Group and Beijing Capital Group will Build the ZGC IC Design Park Together

On May 21, 2015, the ZGC Development Group and the Beijing Capital Group signed a contract to jointly build the ZGC IC Design Park, to further implement the requirement of building Beijing into the technological frontier and to promote the IC industrial cluster in Beijing.  

The ZGC IC Design Park, with a total construction area of 220,000 square meters, is located in the north of Haidian District and at the core of the R&D and high-tech industrial belt in the north of Zhongguancun. It will further boost the capability of the industrial belt to design, research and develop IC, helping to pool high-end talents.  It will also further drive the development of IC sector in the north of Beijing, echoing the industrial layout of Yizhuan Economic and Technological Development Zone in the south of Beijing.   

Centering on the goal of “building a first-class international IC design park”, the project will create a new incubator base and industrial service system and platform to attract the world’s top IC design talents, teams and enterprises. Meanwhile, it will fully integrate the “Internet+” idea, take IC design as the core, actively expand into the IoT, cloud computing, information security and other related fields, to build an ecosystem for the information industry and strengthen collaborative innovation in IC design, the Internet of Things and other sectors. 

The project plans to invest 4 billion yuan totally. After completion, it is expected to have 80-100 IC design enterprises stationed here, with an annual output of 8 billion yuan, an estimate of tax revenue of 1 billion yuan and an annual increase of more than 50 IP rights. The number of employees working in the park will reach 20,000. During the construction of the IC Design Park, the ZCG Development Group will make full use of its own advantages in industrial park planning and industrial deployment and so on, while the Beijing Capital Group will give full play of its advantages in the construction and comprehensive operation of urban functional areas, forming a strong alliance. 

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