ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company and the Bank of Beijing Launched the“Loan and Lease Program” Together to Solve the Financing Difficulties Faced by Medium and Small Businesses.

On the morning of June 18, 2014, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive cooperation agreement between the Bank of Beijing and the ZGC Development Group as well as the release conference of a credit product named“Loan and Lease Program” were held.

At the conference, ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company and the Bank of Beijing jointly launched a characteristic kind of financing product, i.e. the “Loan and Lease Program”, and signed contracts with two enterprises. This move marked a new phase of the integrated platform of “investment-guarantee-loan-rent” that is jointly created by ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company and other financial institutions, which, to a certain extent, has solved the financing difficulties faced by medium and small technology-based businesses.

The so-called “Loan and Lease Program” means that the bank initiatively provides credit to the customers recommended by the ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company, i.e. “loan at sight of a lease contract”; at the same time, the Financing Leasing Company also immediately provides financing leasing services to customers recommended by the bank, i.e. “financing lease at sight of a loan agreement”.

The program enables sci-tech businesses to enjoy one kind of financing service while enjoying another kind of financial service “semi-automatically”, which can quickly satisfy the capital needs of enterprises in different development stages. In addition, enterprises that have access to the “Loan and Lease Program” and also meet the requirements of relevant policies are allowed to enjoy the “dual” preferential policies, i.e. preferential finance lease and bank loan, which greatly reduces the financing costs for enterprises.

As the first sci-tech leasing company in China, ZGC Sci-tech Financing Leasing Company is positioned to provide efficient financial services and equipment leasing solutions for high-tech firms, to facilitate the integration of technology and finance sectors and help sci-tech entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

Moreover, according to the cooperation agreement, the Bank of Beijing plan to grant 80 billion yuan of credit to the ZGC Demonstration Zone in the next three years. With the help of consumer finance, funds, insurance, leasing and other financial platforms, this agreement will strengthen their cooperation in driving enterprise growth, industrial development and park construction and etc. 

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