The ZGC Develop Group Recruits a Large Number of Talents, Accelerate the Construction of Global Sci-tech Innovation Center

On March 3, 2014, the ZGC Development Group (“Group”) began to recruit a large number of talents at home and abroad, which attracts society-wide attention. It offered 12 middle-level positions of the Group and senior management positions of its subsidiaries, as well as 27 professional jobs of 10 major categories. According to industrial insiders, the Group’s first “strong move” in this spring indicates that, in 2014, it will realize its ambition and embark on a new voyage to become a “global center for sci-tech innovation”.

In 2013, its business income reached 6.014 billion yuan, up 27.5% year-on-year.

In 2013, the ZGC Development Group actively planned, designed and promoted the sci-tech financial service platform, arousing great repercussions in the Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone and across the country.

The Group and PICC Group jointly initiated and set up the “ZGC Sci-tech Park Development Fund” of 10 billion yuan. The preparation of the National IC Industry Fund with a total amount of 30 billion yuan has been completed. Large investment and service programs entrusted by government have been effective. For example, SMIC Phase II Project, nanoscale energy research institute and China-Russia helicopters and other major projects reflect both the trust of the government and the strength of the group.

Meanwhile, the Group carries out science and technology incubation and talent attraction overseas, effectively enhancing the influence of ZGC Sci-tech Innovation Center. Playing an active role in guidance, demonstration, leading and radiation, the Group has made substantive progress in regional cooperation with Baodi (Tianjin) and Dongdaihe and so on, taking the lead in promoting the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration.

Over the past year, the Group has managed to withstand the downward pressure of macro-economy and achieved good social and economic benefits. Its annual operation revenue was over 6.014 billion yuan, up 27.5% year-on-year, and the total profit 770 million yuan, up 7.1%. Its total assets are 75 billion yuan, in which the net assts of the parent company are 14.1 billion, with year-on-year growth of 16.5% and 4.1% respectively. The Group has managed to maintain and increased the state-owned assets.

Since its establishment four years ago, the Group has accumulated 1,459 reserve projects, invested and served 294 projects. It has invested 4.1 billion yuan, which is expected to drive social investment to more than 30 billion yuan, vigorously promoted the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. The Group and its subsidiaries have invested 12.3 billion yuan in the construction of sci-tech parks, continuing to act as the main force in the development of the demonstration zone. 

Last year, the Group’s financial sectors, including guarantee, small loan, leasing and venture capital, have served more than 1,200 technology enterprises and provided more than 24 billion yuan of financial support. Last year saw the fastest growth rate and the most significant improvement in operation efficiency since the establishment of the Group.

Accelerate the construction of the sci-tech innovation center with global influence

“After nearly four years’ exploration and practice, the ZGC Development Group has grown out from scratch and moved quickly beyond the start-up stage.” said Xu Qiang, general manager of the ZGC Development Group. Following its strategic goals, the Group prioritizes “the three business sectors” and actively builds the market-oriented, integrated operation platform, making full use of the market mechanism to integrate and allocate resources. The Group has made a lot of exploration in serving the transformation and industrialization of sci-tech achievements, supporting and coordinating the development of sci-tech parks, and solving difficulties faced by medium and small businesses in accessing affordable financing.

In particular, since the State Council approved it to build the National Sci-tech Financial Innovation Center, the Group has been actively building the sci-tech financial service system and achieved remarkable outcomes—a development trend is taking shape in the integration of sci-tech and financial sectors.  

Based on an analysis of the current realities, the Group has designated this year as “the year to demonstrate its power”. With the aim of strategic upgrade, driven by deepened reforms in innovation, it will focus on the effective implementation of work plan, and strengthen management and team building. 

The Group will make further breakthroughs and innovations in industrial investment, sci-tech finance, park development, foreign cooperation and team building. It will work to enhance its ability in identifying and incubating industrial projects, integrating financial resources, and coordinating the development of sci-tech parks. It will also try to boost the execution ability of team and the radiation ability of the demonstration zone development, so as to fully demonstrate its service and supporting ability in the construction of the sci-tech innovation system and the demonstration zone, driving the Group to achieve great development. 

In 2014, the key operation targets of the ZGC Development Group are set as follows: to achieve a business income of 6.981 billion yuan and a total profit of 894 million yuan; to invest and serve 90 projects with the investment amount of 1.2 billion yuan through the entrusted government funds, self-owned funds, and funds set up in cooperation with others; to provide guarantee service for projects worth 24 billion yuan, to issue petty loans 3 billion yuan, leveraged lease investment 1.8 billion, and to participate in the initiation and establishment of no less than 10 funds for strategic emerging industries; the park development sector shall strive to invest 15 billion yuan in the land development and consolidation and the construction of high-tech parks. 

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