A Major Progress has been Made in SMIC (Beijing) Phase II Project

At 9:58 am on November 30, 2013, the “the roof-sealing ceremony for the 12-inch IC production line plant” was held, marking that the first stage of the Phase II Project of the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) (Beijing) was completed and the next stage of building the internal clean room and plant equipment was about to begin. 

The first stage of SMIC (Beijing) phase II project, with a total investment of $ 3.59 billion, will build an IC production line with a monthly production capacity of 35,000 pieces and a technological level of 28-45 nanometers, representing the largest IC production line of the highest technology level in mainland China.

The project is expected to achieve annual sales of $1.34 billion and annual profit of about $270 million. It will greatly narrow the gap between China and the international advanced IC manufacturing technology. It is of great significance to the independent innovation of IC manufacturing technology in China and to cultivate high-end technical and management talents. 

SMIC North IC Manufacturing (Beiing) co., Ltd. is a joint venture of ZGC Development Group, SMIC (Beijing) and Beijing Industrial Development Investment Management co., Ltd.  SMIC North IC Manufacturing (Beiing) co., Ltd. is in charge of the construction and operation of the project. The project laid its foundation stone on September 25, 2012. Its civil engineering has been successfully completed as planned. 

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