The ZGC Development Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Fangshan District, Beijing

On the morning of December 26, 2013, the unveiling ceremony of the ZGC-Fangshan Sci-tech Park and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between the ZGC Development Group and the government of Fangshan District were held at the CSD business plaza, Changyang,Fangshan. According to the agreement, the two sides shall jointly develop the ZGC-Fangshan Sci-tech Park and build a “ZGC innovation demonstration zone in the south of Beijing”. 

At the end of 2012, the State Council approved the adjustment of Zhongguancun Sci-tech Parks’ size and layout, expanding from “one zone with ten parks” to “one zone with sixteen parks”.

Several plots, with total area of 15.73 square kilometers, in Fangshan have been officially incorporated into the ZGC National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, mainly distributing in Beijing Sci-tech Industrial Base of New Petrochemical Materials, Beijing High-end Manufacturing base, Higher Education Park and other key industrial bases and functional areas.

Up to now, there are 140 enterprises and units landing in the park, with a total investment of 36.275 billion yuan and aggregated assets of 10.815 billion yuan, covering an area of 777.8 hectares. Moreover, 65 enterprises in the park have obtained the Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Certificate.

According to the Framework Agreement on the Development of ZGC-Fangshan Sci-tech Park, the ZGC Development Park and the government of Fangshan district will jointly develop Fangshan Sci-tech Park. On a negotiation basis, they will implement specific measures for the construction of the Sci-tech Park, including land development of the Fangshan Sci-tech Park and its supporting areas, introduction of major projects, construction of industrial bases and related operations and management.   

In line the working idea of “building each park with a unique policy”, it is another high-tech park development platform that integrates resources at both city and district levels, following the cooperation agreement between the ZGC Development Group and Yanqing County signed on September 27.

To become an important innovation carrier, the Fangshan Sci-tech Park, relying on the ZGC National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, will follow the construction concept of “innovation-driven, characteristic development that is guided by high-end industries and prioritize environmental protection”; will focus on the incubation of the three leading industries, i.e. new materials, new energy and high-end equipment manufacturing; will work hard to promote the three distinctive industries, i.e. cultural creativity, R&D services and airport services; will actively develop the three potential industries, i.e. aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine. Eventually, the Fangshan Sci-tech Park will be built into an important innovation carrier of the construction of new Fangshan.

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