Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute was Inaugurated by The ZGC Development Group and Shandong Nanshan Group

On the morning of July 13, 2013, Beijing Nanshan Aeronautical Materials Research Institute co-funded by the ZGC Development Group and Shandong Nanshan Group was inaugurated.

Back in the beginning of 2013, the institute was planned by the ZGC Development Group and Shandong Nanshan Group that make an aggregated contribution of 50 million yuan. Focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of aviation materials, it will work to make technological breakthroughs in and promote the clustering of industries in the sector of aerospace, a strategic emerging industry.

The institute has achieved breakthroughs in its operation mechanism. It adopts the corporate system, with the technical backbone and leading talents recruited from talent markets and the salary incentive mechanisms also in line with talent markets. The institute will offer certain equity incentives to the technical talents with outstanding contributions. 

During the sci-tech achievement transformation, a benefit sharing mechanism is designed. First, for the sci-tech achievements directly transformed by the institute, the R&D team will be given a certain equity award according to the contribution rate. Second, for the sci-tech achievements transferred, the R&D team will receive a certain percentage of the profits. This has greatly arouse the enthusiasm of researchers.     

The institute has an excellent R&D and experiment basis. Its main technical personnel all have more than ten years’ experience in aviation materials R&D, familiar with the development trend of aviation materials. One of its shareholder, the ZGC Development Group, can provide sufficient talents and capital by virtue of its advantages in talent and capital pooling; while the other shareholder, the Nanshan Group, can provide the first-hand technical parameters and test data for the institute, relying on the Nanshan Aviation Industrial Park (under construction) and the Nanshan Aviation Sector that integrates flight, airport, plane maintenance and material manufacturing.   

All these have provided favorable conditions for the institute to develop a batch of aerospace materials and techniques with a complete R&D chain and independent IP rights as soon as possible. 

By adopting the market-oriented mode and giving full play to its own advantages, the ZGC Development Group establishes, together with the Nanshan Group, an “corporate-like research institute” that closely integrates the industry, the academic community and the research institute.

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