China-Finland International Cooperation and Innovation Platform Landed in Zhongguancun

On the afternoon of April 8, 2013, the launching ceremony of “China-Finland International Cooperation and Innovation Platform” and the signing ceremony of “Beijing Finland-China Innovation Center” was held. 

This is the first time that Finland-China Innovation Center has been located in Zhongguancun. It is also another important measure to strengthen cooperation between Zhongguancun and Finland after the unveiling of “Zhongguancun Liaison Office in Finland”, “Helsinki Innovation and Cooperation Center of the ZGC Development Group” and “Finnish Innovation and Technology Transfer Cooperation Center of ZGC Software Park”. 

The “Beijing Finland-China Innovation Center” is set up inside the ZGC Sci-Tech Park, with the aim to assist and guide Finland’s high-tech enterprises that possess leading and subversive cutting-edge technologies in the fields of software and information service, electronic information, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-tech services to land in Zhongguancun.    

As a widely recognized innovation-oriented nation, Finland provides a good development environment for sci-tech innovation and high-tech enterprises. It has a large number of world-renowned technology enterprises in the sectors of IT, communications, new materials, clean technology and etc. 

Beijing Finland-China Innovation Center aims to provide services for the high-tech enterprises, talents, technology and markets of China and Finland and to facilitate Zhongguancun to link global high-end innovative resources represented by Nordic countries, promoting the internationalization of enterprises in Zhongguancun.             

Ever since 2004, ZGC Software Park has organized many exchanges and visits between relevant enterprises and Finnish government agencies, industrial organizations and enterprises. 

In April 2012, the Software Park signed a memorandum of cooperation with Finland-China Innovation Center and Jingqiao Finland-China Innovation Center, planning to jointly set up the “Finnish Office of the ZGC Software Park” and “Beijing Finland-China Innovation Center”. In November of the same year, the unveiling ceremony of “Zhongguancun Liaison Office in Finland”, “Helsinki Innovation Cooperation Center of the ZGC Development Group” and “Finnish Innovation and Technology Transfer Cooperation Center of ZGC Software Park” was held in Helsinki, Finland. The “three-in-one” innovation mode has expanded international cooperation.

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