The Company Invested by the ZGC Development Group are Listed for the 1st Time

On March 27, 2012, Beijing Taikong Panel Industry Corp., backed by the ZGC Development Group, was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to be listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, issuing 25.13 million shares. It is the first domestic listed company incubated by the Group. The fund raised will be used to expand the production capacity of space boards to meet market demands.

Beijing Taikong Panel Industry Corp. was restructured and established in December, 2000, with a registered capital of 75.39 million yuan, boasting 23 invention patents, 3 American invention patents, 2 utility model patents. 

The company’s main product—space panels, also known as foamed cement composite boards, is a kind of lightweight component made of surrounding steel frames, internal trusses, foamed cement core materials and surface layers, characterized by the integration of load bearing and thermal insulation, energy conservation, environmental protection, cyclic utilization, first-class fire proof, earthquake resistance and etc.  Housing products assembled by space boards and its construction technology passed the “Scientific and Technological Achievements Appraisal” by Beijing Municipal Construction Commission in the May of 2008. 

In 2011, asking Haikejin Guarantee Company as the guarantor, the Group used its self-owned capital and invited the Bank of Beijing, a strategic partner, to co-invest 40 million yuan in Beijing Taikong Panel Industry Corp. 

Taikong Panel can only borrow 20 million yuan from the bank with the mortgage of land use right. The ZGC Development Group managed to satisfy its huge financing needs in one time through the “investment-guarantee-loan” mode dominated by the Group, laying a good foundation for the company to go public.

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