The ZGC Development Group and the CAS Technology Transfer Center are Building a Fast Track for the Industrialization of Major Sci-tech Achievements together

On the afternoon of March 17, the ZGC Development Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Beijing National Technology Transfer Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “the CAS Technology Transfer Center”). Both sides agreed to cooperate in identifying and screening major sci-tech achievements, as well as assessing the possibility of their industrialization and etc., jointly building a fast track for the industrialization of major sci-tech achievements.  

The CAS Technology Transfer Center is an intermediary organization specializing in technology transfer and high-tech consultancy, established by the Beijing Branch of CAS and the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Sci-tech Park. Since its establishment, the Group has been pursuing extensive cooperation with the CAS and its Technology Transfer Center. Up to date, it has invested 4 projects of CAS amounted to 49 million yuan in total. In addition, there is another 1 project under due diligence investigation and 5 projects already included in the Group’s project list.   

This agreement further clarifies the cooperation content and the working mechanism of the two sides. It also makes creative use of the equity incentive policy of the ZGC National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and designs an interest distribution mechanism according to the different interest demands of scientific research backbone, business personnel and intermediary organizations. It is committed to transfer certain equities to the CAS Technology Transfer Center under the same condition as that for scientific research backbone, business personnel, after the mechanism is approved by the “Beijing Joint Conference on the Transformation and Industrialization of Major Sci-tech Achievements”, which fully mobilizes the initiative of the intermediary organizations and provides a market operation mode for Beijing to build a fast track for the industrialization of major sci-tech achievements.

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