A Signing Ceremony was held of Projection Incubation Cooperation between the ZGC Development Group and the Ottawa Investment Agency

    On the morning of October 16, 2013, the ZGC Development Group and the Ottawa Investment Agency of Canada held the signing ceremony of project incubation cooperation in Beijing, which marked the official opening of the Ottawa International Incubation Center under the Group and it will usher in the first new members. This is another innovative measure taken by the ZGC Development Group to implement “the strategy of focusing on overseas”, to apply the remote incubation mode and to attract significant sci-tech achievements to be industrialized in Beijing.


    The 4 contracted projects are from Inano Medical, Haiwei Technology, GR Energy and JP Canshielding, covering the sectors of the next generation of IT, new energy, new materials, high-end medical equipment and etc.


    Clinical local anesthesia products, the new generation of glaucoma screening equipment, ultra-dimensional optical cloud network, and clean energy techniques to convert mechanical energy into clean and green electricity are among a number of projects that have attracted much attention in the industries have official settled in the International Incubation Center.


    In cooperation with the Ottawa Investment Agency, using the Ottawa International Incubation  Center as the carrier, the Group, focusing on excavating subversive and original innovative technology projects, has made deep exploration in fields like project excavation, management and services.


    Integrating the Angel funds, domestic parallel investment funds, incubation office space, entrepreneurship mentors and expert advisors, the framework system, including project excavation, screening, incubation, investment and “1+1 implement and development in China”, has taken an initial shape and played a good demonstration and reference role for the successful implementation of the Group’s overseas strategy. 

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