The Information Conference of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was Held

On March 20, 2015, the information conference of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was held in the Software Park. More than 50 Zhongguancun enterprises attended the meeting, which is co-hosted by the Zhongguancun Management Committee and the ZGC Development Group.


At the conference, the Group gave participating enterprises a brief picture of the overall development of the Group’s overseas business and of the planning and preparation of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center. The Innovation Center will set up special office areas and provide corresponding value-added services to attract Zhongguancun enterprises who want to expand overseas. Many participating enterprises expressed their intention to be stationed there.


The planned ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center is located in the core area of Silicon Valley in the United States, close to the Zhongguancun Liaison Office in Silicon Valley. Its office area will cover about 7,000 square meters, with office areas, an exhibition center, a business incubator, a business development accelerator and other functional blocks. Flexible rental modes and all-round value-added services will be provided to enterprise tenants.


After being put into use, the Innovation Center can not only attract cutting-edge technologies and teams of Silicon Valley to be incubated here, but also serve as a window for Zhongguancun to display itself to the outside world. At the same time, it can also support Zhongguancun enterprises to go to Silicon Valley, to deploy overseas and to participate in global technological innovation.  

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