A New Starting Point and A New Journey The Opening Ceremony of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was Held

        The grand opening ceremony of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was held on May, 11, 2016.


        The establishment of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center is the core move in the pursuit of Silicon Valley development strategy of the ZGC Development Group. It is also an important strategic move for the Group to actively deploy overseas, explore innovative resources globally, apply the mode of “fund + incubator”, and to introduce forward-looking and subversive cutting-edge technologies and high-end projects into China.


        Following the principles of “stemming from innovation, supporting innovation and leading innovation”, the thriving Innovation Center will guide Chinese technology entrepreneurs to merge into the local innovation ecosystem, to push forward innovation exchanges between China and the United States in a faster and better way.


        At the end of the opening ceremony, ZGC (international) Holding Company signed service agreements with the representatives of six enterprises that are to be stationed in the center, indicating the promising prospects of the Innovation Center to actively develop high-quality innovation resources in both China and the U.S. and to create a comprehensive innovation service model.


        ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was established in 2015 by ZGC (international) Holding Company, an overseas subsidiary of ZGC Development Group, and America C.M. Capital Investment Company.  It has an office area of about 7,000 square meters, with function blocks like business incubator, business development accelerator, ZGC cross-border office, exhibition center, road show and activity area and etc.


        Surrounded by the superior innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley, the Innovation Center, serving as the international window of ZGC, will provide a platform with global influence for ZGC enterprises to go to Silicon Valley, go to the world and participate in the globalization of innovation and startup. Moreover, it will also serve as a bridgehead to attract talents from all over the world to pursue innovation and startup in Zhongguancun, as well as an important witness of sci-tech innovation exchanges and cooperation between Beijing and Silicon Valley, and thereby between China and the United States.   

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