Changchun-Silicon Valley Sci-tech Innovation Conference was a Success

        On June 14, 2017, Changchun-Silicon Valley Innovation Conference was held at the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center.   


        For a long time, Silicon Valley has been the most concentrated and active area of global innovative elements, VC funds and entrepreneurship talents, leading the world’s innovation and startup wave. As an important central city in northeast Asia, Changchun has been actively upgrading and transformation of the northeast industrial bases in recent years. It has put in great effort to promote sci-tech innovation and leveraged the new round of sci-tech and industrial revolution to build an industry-university-research interactive system, in hope of overtaking around the curve.


        It has been working to facilitate local technologically innovative forces to dock with those of Silicon Valley and to engage in extensive cooperation with Zhongguancun. In addition, Changchun city has assisted the “Changchun scientific innovation overseas investment promotion platform” to settle in the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center, making use of the well-functioning resource network in the Silicon Valley and solutions to improve the performance of innovation and startup and contributing to the creation of an efficient, integrated and interactive platform for sci-tech innovation exchanges between China and the United States.


        On that day, under the witness of all guests, the nameplate of “Changchun-Silicon Valley Innovation Center” was unveiled, marking its official settlement in ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center, which also pushed the conference to a climax. “Changchun-Silicon Valley Innovation Center” is an overseas innovation institution based on Changchun, radiating northeast and beyond to the entire world.


        Subsequently, Wanyi Group, a national innovative pilot enterprise headquartered in Changchun, signed an agreement with ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center to jointly set up the “Silicon Valley sci-tech achievement transformation fund for Changchun technological enterprises”. By doing so, they want to promote the exchange and transformation of capital, technology and talents between excellent businesses in both Changchun and Silicon Valley, and create a better future of win-win cooperation together.


        The success of this conference marks the “Direct Train” of innovation between Changchun, China and Silicon Valley, U.S.A. is officially open to traffic. It is also another representative move of ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center to explore cross-border value-added services that is oriented around markets. In the future, the Innovation Center will continue to facilitate the dock of Changchun and the Silicon Valley in terms of technology, talents and capital.


        With the “bridge effects”, the Center will assist Changchun to implement innovation-driven development strategy, to accelerate the pace of innovation and development, and to promote the economic upgrade and transformation and to improve economic quality and performance, illuminating the road of revitalization of the Northeast industrial base with the spark of innovation. 

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