The ZGC Development Group was Invited to be a Judge in the Pitch@Palace Global Finals

        On December 6, 2017, the Global Innovation Incubator Platform, the Pitch@Palace, established by Price Andrew, Duke of York, held its annual global finals at St. James Palace, London, UK. For the first time, the “China’s Entrepreneurship Dream Team” went into the Royal residence and competed with other 14 start-up projects from Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Africa, Latin America and etc.Zhao Changshan, chairman of the ZGC Development Group, was invited to be a judge of the competition.


        It is reported that “Da’ai Robot”, one of China’s projects, won the second place in the competition, highly recognized by Price Andrew and more that 150 international business leaders, experts and scholars, representatives of investment institutions.


        The concept of “Original Innovation” proposed by China sets off a global wave


        The world today is in the incubation period of a new round of sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation. Guided by the policy of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, technological innovations originated from China have gradually become an important driving force for the world’s sci-tech development.

        As an entrenched sci-tech innovation giant, Britain pays great attention to the booming sci-tech innovation power and the broad market of China.On the spot of the Pitch@Palace global finals, Prince Andrew particularly spoke of the outstanding performance of the first Pitch@Palace in China: “China has put a lot of effort in the careful selection of 42 best projects from over 20,000. Next year, I believe this excellent team can make the Pitch@Palace deeper and broader.”


        Prince Andrew, Duke of York, speaks at the Pitch@Palace global finals

        Ms. Xia Hua and Mr. Yang Tenbo, founders of the “China-British Top Entrepreneur Club ” that is the operator of the Pitch@Palace China, came to the scene to cheer on the“China’s Entrepreneurship Dream Team” with many elites from Chinese business, academic and investment communities.

        “China has ushered into the era of ‘Mass entrepreneurship and innovation’ and an increasing number of innovation and start-ups are stemming from the post-80s and post-90s,” said Mr. Yang about his feeling about his association with the Pitch@Palace, “the participation of more and more young people in the tide of micro-economic development is the power for China’s pursuit of development in the future. ”

        The “Chinese Entrepreneurship Dream Team” made a successful debut


        In the context of a new round of globalization, China is rapidly emerging to be a global leader in innovation. The Financial Times once exclaimed that, “China has overtaken the west in science and technology. Leaving China is like going back to the past days.”


        The “China’s Entrepreneurship Dream Team” participating in the global finals of Pitch@Palace includes top four excellent entrepreneurial projects.Follow the guidance of Chinese entrepreneurial mentors, they have not only built up a business ecosystem at home, but also expanded their horizons overseas.


        Da’ai Robot, focusing on the R&D, production, distribution of software and hardware of exoskeleton rehabilitation robot as well as providing after-sale services, was ranked among top three in the first Pitch@Palace China. In the global finals, Da’ai Robot introduced their technique assisting paraplegics to walk to guests from all over the world, enabling them to see the boundless potential of technology.  When the patient wearing the exoskeleton robot stood up and stepped forward, all the guests responded with warm applause.


        “We’re very glad to be ranked among the top three. In the whole process, we have learned a lot from foreign players, such as facing entrepreneurship with more passion. We saw many guests from China on the scene. The Prince introduces his resources to entrepreneurs selflessly and warmheartedly. And the staff give us meticulous care. We feel warm about all of this. This is really a great era of innovation and entrepreneurship.”


        “After the competition, several big hospitals and investors have contacted us, and an editor of a high-tech magazine in Zurich wanted to cooperate with us. The Pitch@Palace platform really provides us with valuable opportunities to work with great institutions around the world.”


        Prince Andrew, Duke of York, announced the award-winning projects.


         The other three technological innovation projects of “China’s Entrepreneurship Dream Team”, “Puquan Technology”, “Aoorey Travel” and “Sesame World Technology”, are also dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies and ideas from China into life, bringing benefits to the world.


        “nev HOUSE”, an Australian project that aims to build low-cost housing, hospitals and schools with waste plastic and other recyclable materials, won this competition. “The platform of Pitch@Palace has brought me into contact with a lot of people who are helpful to my business, as well as entrepreneurs from other countries, especially from China. It is a very memorable night,” said its founder.

        David Rowan, editor-in-chief of the well-known British magazine WIRED UK, is the host and an old friend of the Pitch@Palace global finals. He was deeply impressed by the “China’s Entrepreneurship Dream Team”, “the presentations of Chinese projects were all fantastic. I think China’s projects are more mature than those of other countries.”

        As for the rising power of “original innovation” in China, the foreign guests who heard the presentation of Chinese entrepreneurs for the first time also said, “it is very impressive, especially Da’ai Robot. China leads the world in the industrialization of innovation projects.”


        The Pitch@Palace helps Chinese sci-tech innovation “go global”


        In China, there are still many young entrepreneurs like those in the “China’s Entrepreneurship Dream Team”. It is a good time to be an entrepreneur. And they are painting a blueprint of a technological power with their ideals, talents and courage.


        The Pitch@Palace is a global innovation and startup platform established by Prince Andrew in 2014. Over the past three years, it has supported more than 300 technology start-ups around the world with an aggregate investment of hundreds of millions of pounds. Many startup projects have been successfully acquired by well-known international enterprises such as Apple and Twitter. The Pitch@Palace has enjoyed a good reputation in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world.

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