Beijing-Silicon Valley Talents and Sci-tech Conference was Held

        On the afternoon of September, 20, 2017 (local time), the “Beijing-Silicon Valley Talents and Technology Conference” was held in ZGC Silicon Valley Innovation Center, in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley. Nearly 100 guests from all sectors gathered together to witness this historic moment when China and the U.S. jointly explore innovation.


        At the conference site, the “ZGC Overseas Strategic Scientists Committee” was established, and 8 world-renowned scientists were official employed as the second batch of ZGC overseas strategic scientists. Relying on the ZGC Overseas Innovation Service Network, they will offer advice and suggestions for Beijing’s sci-tech innovation and development. Through introducing technology and reserving talents, they will further enhance the vitality of sci-tech innovation-driven development in Zhongguancun and strengthen Beijing’s global competitiveness and international influence.  


        The launch ceremony of “ZGC-America Parent Fund” was also held by ZGC Development Group at this conference. This $300-million parent fund aims to direct Chinese capital into the top U.S. VC firms and to interact in depth with the innovation projects invested by them.  


        In recent years, Silicon Valley and Beijing have become increasingly prominent leaders in the wave of global scientific and technological innovation. The exchanges, cooperation, and collaborative development of the two global heights of sci-tech innovation will profoundly change the landscape of global sci-tech development.


        Beijing will take a more active and open stance to learn from the global innovation highlands, including Silicon Valley, to embrace talents from all over the world and to help them realize their dreams of innovation and entrepreneurship!

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