ZGC-German Innovation Center was Officially Launched!

        On May 7, 2018 (local time), the launch ceremony of ZGC InnoHub was held in Heideberg, Germany, hosted by Zhongguancun Development Group. This is a new starting point for the Group to enter Germany and Europe, following the establishment of ZGC Overseas Innovation Centers in Silicon Valley and Boston.


        At the opening ceremony, ZGC-German Innovation Center signed cooperation memos with German Medical Valley co., Ltd., Heidelberg Capital and Asset Management co., Ltd., Darmstadt University and Berlin University. They will jointly pursue the research projects, explore the cooperation mechanism for project investment, and cooperate in the fields of medical technology, medical service, international cooperation and R&D, as well as technology transfer and transformation.  


        A number of high-tech enterprises, including Lenovo, Baidu and Didi Dache and etc. have been innovated in Zhongguancun, Beijing, China. We have begun to set up high-tech centers in Silicon Valley, Boston and other places where innovative resources gather.  ZGC-German Innovation Center will further strengthen the economic, commercial, technological and cultural exchanges between Beijing and Heidelberg, and therefore between China and Europe.


        ZGC-German Innovation Center, initiated by Zhongguancun Development Group, aims to promote the innovation and development of entrepreneurs and start-ups and enterprises in both China and Germany, and boost the international cooperation on technology transfer.


        Relying on the technology, talents and government resources of Heidelberg and the global innovation network of Zhongguancun, the Innovation Center will focus on incubating entrepreneurs and start-ups in the fields of life science, information technology and intelligent manufacturing and speed up their development. It will drive the development of new technologies and innovation together with business and capital communities.


        Its service portfolio mainly includes: providing value-added services such as office space, cultural and people-to-people exchange, business incubation, development acceleration, consultation and investment for entrepreneurs and start-ups from both China and Germany. At the same time, the Center will also invest, in different forms, in high-quality innovative enterprises and high-tech projects in cooperation with Chinese, German and European capital. By doing so, it will drive enterprises of Zhongguancun to enter global innovation networks in Germany and other European nations, and improve their international competitiveness and capacity of configuring international resources. 

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