ZGC-Boston Innovation Center Began Trial Operation with the 1st Academic Conference as a Resounding Success

        After 7-month preparation, ZGC-Boston Innovation Center, located in the center area of Boston, Massachusetts, close to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has completed its first phase of renovation project in September this year and officially entered the trial operation stage. The Center currently has three floors of space for business operation, covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters. At present, contracted tenants and technology entrepreneurship teams have successively settled in the Innovation Center.


        On September 22, 2018, as the first major academic conference in the trial operation, the first “Conference of Health and Medicine Blockchain”, was successfully held in ZGC-Boston Innovation Center. It was hosted by ZGC-Boston Innovation Center, co-sponsored by MIT-CHIEF and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Harvard University, and specially sponsored by Google and BlockTEST.


        The Conference brought together many leaders in the biomedicine and blockchain industries of both China and the U.S., attracting nearly 100 local VC investors, regulatory executives, university professors, engineers and entrepreneurs of blockchain industry. Starting from the hot topics, such as “How will blockchain affect the health and medicine ecosystem?” and “What are the early challenges faced by health and medicine blockchains?” and “How health and medicine regulation interacts with blockchains?” at the industrial forum, participants conducted a heated and fruitful discussion on the current trend of the bio-pharmaceutical blockchain, industrial regulation and current challenges faced by the biomedical blockchain.  


        After the meeting, the eager audience continued to exchange ideas with the keynote speakers regarding the current situation and development of bio-pharmaceutical blockchain and to look forward to its promising future. We’re also looking forward to the integration of the two high-tech sectors which will make greater advancement in the near future.

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