The third Session of the China-Finland Innovative Enterprise Cooperation Committee was successfully held

         On November 8, 2018, the 3rd session of China-Finland Innovative Enterprise Cooperation Committee (hereafter referred to as “CFIECC”) was held at National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), as one of the relevant activities of the first China International Import Expo (“CIIE”). There were more than 140 representatives from both sides of CFIECC attending this conference.


        China and Finland enjoy profound foundation of political ties, with close complementary economic relations. CFIECC provides a platform for direct dialogues between the industries of both countries, and makes proactive exploration of bilateral economic and trade cooperation and development. The first China International Import Expo created an opportunity for the cooperation between Finland that boasts many high-quality products and innovative solutions and China which has a fast-growing economy and a consumer market with a huge potential.

        Since the second session of CFIECC, on the basis of the Energy Group, the Secretariats of its two sides have worked to establish three additional working groups, i.e. Forest Industry, Maritime Logistics and Clean Technology Groups.

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